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  1. utka_228 сказал(а):↑ Проверяйте расширения файлов , которые открываете ! Нажмите, чтобы раскрыть... Are you serious? I already demonstrated more than one time that the material I share is log and nothing else, stop being racist only cause I'm not russian. However, new message in thread, new log: ES paypal:
  2. Yeah, seem people can't write thank you. or even just put a random reply. That's a new EU amazon-ebay-paypal!
  3. BkackAngek сказал(а):↑ write in russian, may be will answer)So you give logs that you have taken from neighbouring topic of installs?))) Нажмите, чтобы раскрыть... I am not russian, so I won't speak russian. I owe a stealer, i don't buy logs and I'm not here to listen people who say stupid things about me only cause I am english. I already gave for free many Logs from my panel, I do that to let you understand that even a foreigner can be a good person to work with in this world By the way: A new reply to the thread, so a new log. Italian shops, with Ebay Thank you! Looking forward to work with you
  4. So nobody interested in free things? Just someone opened that link without even saying anything?? Waiting for a reply to deploy a new log!
  5. I will distribute Logs in privnote here, following a special pattern. 1)Logs will not be older than a month, usually 1 or 2 weeks. 2)Logs will be from EU mix, DE FR ES UK IT for the most time. 3)Logs are not completely random. I will search a popular query and post it. Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, Banks, Cryptos. 4)Whoever takes the logs, should post a reply in this theme saying he took it, if possible leave a feedback 5)After at least 1 reply is made, I will post a new log. I will start an EU Ebay:
  6. I feel nowadays that every checking method has chance to kill. Checkers, calling bank, using netflix, google, stubhub. Any 0.00 or 0.01 charge is weird. Best is to beat for some low like 20$ and day after if still live driving for your real need. In my opinion
  7. Is "bruting" 12 word keyphrase really a thing? what the fuck
  8. NightmareMan сказал(а):↑ spannyas, I've tried Paybis. 2 times was successfull and the next day same VCC I used with the same amount of exchange was declined.Maybe U're right that I should find not a major exchange service, but it's hard and not all of them accept USA CCs Нажмите, чтобы раскрыть... Sorry for not speaking RU, doing my best to get in touch with you guys but i need to stick to english You could try with some EU bins that resets vbv with zip in some london exchange. I saw someone used a french exchange with french no vbv bins CC i could have some of those bins saved
  9. Usually hitting simplex late in the days is a pain, hitting exchange with CCs seem to be almost bulletproof nowadays, could try some less known exchange that
  10. I usually use a tunnel made with whonix VM -> windows VM that connects to whonix to push even further anonimity on my ip and isp side, like tunneling in a tor node and then a vpn to become again a normal device
  11. Logs, but the real thing is about getting a good first-hand traffic, if you can traff for yourself you will be golden
  12. I see some guys under 30 posts that can read the quote, it seem I can't read it tho, I was curious about it but I'm silent most of times cause can't read russian, and I hope this is not a problem lol.